Valjet decoration or painting on wood is characterised by three important aspects that determine a top-quality product:

  1. Strong penetration into wood fibre thanks to the extremely fine-grinding of the solid pigments of which the Valjet colour formula is composed (up to 8-10 hundredths)
  2. Perfect transparency thanks to which the natural wood texture and its aesthetic peculiarities are fully respected, the Valjet decoration does not negatively influence the aesthetics of the material but it succeeds in perfectly, physically and visually integrating with the material itself
  3. The quality of the Valjet system and the special Ghelco colour formula, guarantee an extremely high definitional and chromatic performance

Transparent or semi-opaque decoration

Transparent decorations, whether referring to textures or patterned graphics, tend not to negatively influence the aesthetics of the material, leaving the same to the play a key role in the beauty of the product.

The use of only white paint makes it possible to create “tone-on-tone” effects, the intensity of which can be varied.

It is possible to create semi-opaque decorations thank to the use of spot white varnishing (used only on the parts of the decoration itself), without entirely concealing the visibility of the wood grain or natural texture.

The creation of patterns or textures that reproduce vintage effects, oxidation, old wooden planks, together with the overprinting of the real natural wood texture, making it possible to create remarkable, credible, vintage effects of great impact.

Thanks to the “Multipass” system, it is possible to carry out decorative operations on an infinite number of panels.

Digital painting

Due to the extreme compatibility with materials and the quality of the colour, the Valjet systems are usually used by professionals to create digital paintings instead of traditional painting techniques.

In the parquet flooring sector, it is an added value to be able to create colours on demand without having to impose large volumes.

As regards customised or project-based painting operations, the possibility to offer a preview of the end result is particularly important for the customer as it makes it possible to see the result that could be achieved, prior to the manufacturing stage, being able to assess any necessary corrective actions, thanks to the opportunity to carry out operations on single items without wasting any material.

Wood surrogates (chipboard, plywood, OSB, MDF, etc.)

In this type of application, Valjet decoration can be used to improve, conceal or mitigate the aesthetic conditions of the material by choosing the transparency decoration option if it is necessary to allow the material to aesthetically interact with the decoration, or the semi-opaque option if it is necessary to reduce material visibility.

The decoration can be carried out directly on the raw material.

There are a wide range of surrogates on which Valjet can achieve the utmost colour-material integration: Chipboard, Plywood, Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam), OSB, Melamine-faced wood, MDF, Veneered or Lacquered wood. For each of these surrogates, the same processing options, operations, decorations specified for wood and its peculiarities can be applied.