Valjet works perfectly with Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Platinum, Lead, Tin, Titanium, Mercury, Bronze, Brass. The transparency and opacity of glass are also applied to metal, while maintaining – if desired – the traditional visibility of reflections and the particular characteristics of the metal type itself.
Compared to glass, it is important to highlight the great molecular elasticity of the Valjet colour, thanks to which it is possible to decorate the sheet material prior to carrying out any mechanical processes such as bending or printing without altering or deforming the quality of the colour in the cantilevered or bent parts.
The decoration of metals using Valjet colours, does not require finishing with protective transparent varnish. The colours have an excellent grip capable of adequately withstanding mechanical operations and cleaning detergents.
For intended uses in which the level of mechanical stress can be particularly high, it is possible to complete the decoration process with a transparent finish (extremely useful for decorations of bar counters carried out on the flatbed, etc.).