The inks specifically used for the Valjet range have been conceived for smooth, treated or natural leather.

There is the possibility to use the system for graphic decorations, textures, etc. or for “digital paintings” aimed at colouring material, exploiting the flexibility of the digital system as well as Valjet quality (16,800,000 colour tones without amount restrictions and available “on demand”).

The transparency option makes it possible to work in synergy with the aesthetic qualities of leather or surface treatments.
The opaque decoration option or varying intermediate techniques make it possible to use the decoration to mitigate any defects of the leather or simply to enhance/make the decoration more visible.

It is possible to exploit the capacity of the Valjet system to decorate on laser-processed leather, using dry moulds or die-cutters on uneven surfaces with height differences of up to 3 mm.

The elasticity of the colour ensures the decoration perfectly follows any kind of folding, compression, deformation or splitting of the colour.

It is possible to complete the decoration process with a clear varnish finish. This makes it possible to achieve a product with a high strength of material.